Monday, March 02, 2015

February 2015 Lake Levels and Discharge

Lake levels descended steadily throughout the month of February as expected (the trend line is about as linear as one gets) given the late start to the drawdown.  Taking a peak at the first two days of March, lake level seems to have stabilized around 654'.  This should be about as low as things get and will likely creep back up this week as warmer temperatures melt recent snow and rain is forecasted.

An interesting data set after the 15th for discharge as Ameren kept a very consistent flow minimum of 1,305cfs. You can see the baseline jump up.

This month is a clear demonstration of Ameren's ability to predictably release water to the Osage River and avoid the tsunami like effect downstream of last year.  Even still, swings in river levels of up to 10 feet and back in a matter of hours is fairly dramatic.