Friday, January 04, 2019

December 2018 Lake Levels and Flow Rates

Did I see an article in the Lake News Leader last week about the draw down starting? What, did they just look at the calendar and go "Hey, it's December! Time for the draw down to start!"

As you can clearly see, the annual draw down of the lake has not started in any real sense. With lake levels nearly at full pool on the last day of the month, there's a long way to go.

Here's the hourly detail graph

With Ameren's ability to lower the lake level one foot per day at full generation this time of year, there's no real hurry to get to the expected low of about 654' by the first week of March.

One interesting note regarding the hourly detail graph, notice that the multi-year average (grey) shows a little rise in lake levels the last week of the year, and this year (blue) followed that same pattern. It's as if they always generate power, indicated in yellow by flow rates above 10,000 CFS, the week of Christmas.