Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Lost Year - 2020

 Hello world!

While not intentional, it has been almost exactly one year since my last post on this website, but now I'm back. The reasons for the departure? Simple, I just didn't want to do it. I have been angry with the response of the powers that be in my state, my county, and my city during the pandemic and just as angry at those who took advantage of it and came here with full intention of not giving a shit about anyone's safety. I'm sure many of you saw the news articles last summer showing large gatherings of people and the general disregard for basic safety going on. I get it. The lake was a great place to come to with your family and boating a wonderful way to play within your group of people. But the bars, the nightclubs, the pools, the restaurants filled to the brim, elbow to elbow was too difficult to watch without hard feelings.

I lost family in the pandemic, as many have, and to see people from all over the five state region pouring in specifically because restrictions were non-existent was disheartening and maddening. So why take it out on a website intended to provide helpful (I hope) benign information such as lake levels and minor events? It was not my intention to take it out on anyone, but honestly my heart just wasn't into it anymore. Living at the lake has always been a love-hate kind of thing and while I still love the lake, and my community, it disappointed me mightily that we traded our safety and the safety of our country in the name of profits. It's been said that 2020 was the "best year ever" for tourism at the lake. Really? Define "best". Sure, money was made, but how many families were impacted by those large gatherings and the openly flagrant refusal to embrace basic safety guidelines needed to hold down the pandemic? We'll never know. To this day the preponderance of those in the area that still think the virus was a hoax, let alone those who refuse to get vaccinated, is mind boggling.

And that is all I will say about the summer of 2020 at the lake. I will always consider it, the Lost Year.

But the time to return to normal is rapidly approaching and with it my attention to this blog. So in the coming weeks, I'll be catching up on lake level data (I still owe a 2020 full year review) and some other articles I've pocketed for awhile.

2021 holds great promise for everyone and should be another good year not just for the lake area, but for the country.