Thursday, April 30, 2015

Encapuslated Foam Disposal - Hey Ameren! A Little Help?

UPDATE:  Oct 16, 2015 During Ameren's sponsored shoreline cleanups, in both spring and fall, dumpsters are placed throughout the lake area.  Bring all of your lake collected trash to one of these facilities, by land or sea, and it will be properly disposed of at no expense. You will need to contact Ameren for the location nearest you and confirm if you have a lot.

As the lake rises to summer levels there is the inevitable influx of trash and unwanted material back into the Osage river system.  Most of this material is small trash that will, unfortunately, make its way to the Gulf of Mexico, but not all.  The large encapsulated foam "tubs" that are required by all dock owners now can sometimes be found floating around in various states of condition, some are completely intact and can be reused, while others are damaged and cannot. These tubs are tough but not indestructible.  Damaged tubs cannot help support a dock but they are practically unsinkable and float around until they make their way to the backs of coves, or down to the dam.  I've retrieved two unusable tubs myself just to keep them out of traffic.  The outdrive I save may be my own.

There in the lies the problem.  Disposing of bad dock foam has always been a problem but at least there were facilities that would do it.  I've tried to find a proper disposal location for these tubs, but so far cannot find any service that will take them.  The response from WCA was "Good luck".  Ameren has the clout to help setup some process for dealing with this problem, a little leadership on this front would be helpful.

If I figure out a way to dispose of these things...properly... I'll post it.