Thursday, February 07, 2019

January 2019 Lake Levels and Flow Rates

Lake levels, lake levels. Is that all this blog is about?

What can I say, I have a life. Rest assured, there's plenty more to talk about and we'll be getting to it this year. But for now...

January is the official start to the lake draw down. When Ameren allows lake levels to fall below "normal" in order to accommodate shoreline work, and prepare for the coming spring rains. Spring is coming. My black tail hawks are working on their nest, and the groundhogs have started sniffing around for a place to start a new tunnel under my house, so I know it's coming.

The lake has already started it's inexorable fall to the March low. Below is the hourly detail with the grey line being the new moving five year average.

And below the daily candlestick

All in all, nothing remarkable and a nice steady incremental start to the draw down.