Monday, August 03, 2015

July 2015 Lake Level Summary - The Flood

Here it is, a summary of lake level and discharge for the month of July that made history.  As we can clearly see, the surge in level over 660' on the 4th of July weekend was quickly brought back down to normal, remained stable, and very close to the 5 year average.  Discharge remained high well after the flooding to pass water from Truman lake.  The last week of July shows a fairly normal pattern of discharge flow and lake levels.  I'd like to see the lake up above 659' this time of year as rain becomes a little scarcer and Labor Day approaches.

2019 Update: Thought I'd add some of my new graph kung-fu to this old post. It was an extraordinary month after all.  Here's the daily candlestick graph for that same month.