Friday, February 16, 2024

What 14 Years of Lake Level Data Says About the Annual Drawdown

 I'm finally caught up on adding the last few years of data to my long running tally of lake levels and analysis. The data set now includes hourly levels and flows from 2010-2023. Below is the detailed graph of hourly lake levels averages for that time period throughout the year.

Not much has changed from my last big average chart for 2010-2019, the additional four years of data only smoothed out the graph a bit. Of note though, is the little bump at the end of the year caused by the intense flooding in December 2015, which is still impacting the averages for that time of year.

As far as the annual drawdown is concerned, 14 years of data shows the longest, lowest stretch is from March 6th-13th with lake levels averaging just under 655ft, with a peak low of average of 654.57 on March 9th.