Saturday, July 04, 2015

Flood Watch 2015 - The End

8am, July 4th.  Update- The no-wake restriction has been lifted.

Lake levels are now at 660.30', effectively on the high side of "normal". Discharge remains over 40,000cfs so the floodgates are still open.  Truman Dam has been holding water since this event started and with river levels dropping it's likely they will allow some badly needed release for Truman Lake.

My guess would be continued discharge above 40Kcfs to handle Truman's water but Lake levels should continue down very slowly for the rest of the day.  I'm also betting the governor will release the no-wake restriction by this afternoon.

The flood event is pretty much over as far as the Lake is concerned, but it's effects will likely linger the rest of the summer for some folks.  This is the last update I'll do on lake levels until the normal end of month review.

Everybody get ready to get back in the pool.