Friday, August 04, 2017

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Coast Guard!

The oldest military service of the United States turns 227 years old this month.  I've been a little harsh on the Coast Guard lately in regards to Lake of the Ozarks, so let me make some amends by saying Happy Birthday to what I consider the finest branch of the military this country has ever produced. Certainly not the most lethal, but that isn't their mission, which is why I was proud to have served. Saving lives, protecting our country, and ensuring free commerce along our waterways is just as important as projecting force abroad. Any damn fool can pull a trigger, but it takes something a bit more to put your ass on the line to save another.

U.S.C.G.C Eagle and escort. Did you know she was originally a Nazi ship? Yep. You can just make it out in the picture but on her prow remains the nautical figurehead of the Nazi Party Eagle, called Parteiadler ("Party's Eagle"), and where it once clutched a swastika, it now clings to the shield of the U.S. Coast Guard. The spoils of war.

From Alaska to Key West Florida, and on three separate ships, my four years were probably the most memorable years of my life. To the great men and women I served with, and those that serve today, a heartfelt salute.

To the U.S. Navy.... Phhhht!
To the U.S. Army...... Phhhht!
To the U.S. Air Force.... Phhhht!

To the U.S. Marines.... You guys are great! Remember D-day!

All in good fun lads. You know we're all in this together.

Semper Paratus!